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Fall On The Bitterroot River In The Great Montana Big Sky Country


The sun has set and night has fallen. All is dark with no lights to be seen anywhere other then the glow from my computer screen. Only sound that can be herd is the sound of the rain softly hitting the skylight above. Its sound put you into a soft dream state. It was a beautiful fall day in the Big Sky country and this mighty Eagle went out and explored and at days end landed on his mountain and watches the sunset. Its beauty fills the sky and all was at peace. Not a sound as night fell and the deer out feeding below and a soft warm breeze coming up the valley. He watches and thinks of the wonders he has seen this day and all those who are part of his life.



So lets go back in time now and take a hike to the Bitterroot River that gets its name from a flower that grows wild in the area and is also the state flower. It's a endanger flower and the Indians used its roots in their medicine and still in use today by them. It grows in rocky sandy ground and vary low to the ground. It grows in an area where very little will grow but even in this great struggle for life it still come forth with all its beauty. It reminds of the many I have met in the last few months who have or are going through hard times yet they come through with great beauty and share that with the world and my life has been made much richer for it.




Now lets wonder down the trail to see all the fall colors and think of all the wonders that await us. A small squirrel runs for cover as we come close to stepping on him. The air is filled with the sent of pines and its clean fresh and cool. Birds are all over with small filches and magpies. All is going about gathering food. Soon we come up on a small pond with duck swimming but they see us and take flight. Just a small pond but very beautiful with the aspens in color and the grass green and pines in their dark green.



We continue around the pond and down through the aspens with most of there leaves gone already due to the dry fall we had and no real hard frost yet, yet there is still a lot of color and great beauty all around us. The ground is sandy and is like walking on a sandy beach yet the river is still a half a mile away form us. A nice four point white tail buck is watching us off to the right and then runs off as we move on down the trail. He was still in velvet and was tall and beautiful.



The river is now coming into view and the river runs slow in this area as it is wide and it is very quite and beautiful. Very peaceful and it just us and the Lord here now as we find a log and sit and take in all the beauty around and think of all that has happen in our lives both good and bad. We think of past hurts and yet they no longer seem to matter as we think of all those special people who have touch our lives. It is very quite and all of a sudden we hear a lot of noise up stream. Then a black cloud is coming down stream and then we can tell its hundreds of ducks that have been spooked up stream. So let's look at where we are.



Fisherman floating down stream spooked the ducks and they soon pass leaving us alone in the warm fall sun light. Now I think of all the hate and anger that goes on everyday. I have many in the cyber space each giving me some thing both good and bad. But I also think about all those who are lonely or missing love in their marriages and they seek out those who will give them something. Yet as they seek this out so many are greedy and only thinking of there own interest and lie and deceive everyone and destroy everything they touch. Then there are the very few who are builders. I think of my own hurt and wonder why they have to hurt and destroy for no reason at all. Then I think of how words like truth, trust, integrity, obligation, commitments, loyalty, honor, oath & covenants, duty, right and wrong and other words seem to be in a language long forgotten. Yet I see the great beauty all around and so much peace and think of the great beauty that has come into my life of those special people I have met who share pain, love, hopes and dreams with me. Making my life richer and fuller then it ever has been before. Suddenly I hear a noise high above and behind me as I turn and look up I see 5 golden eagles coming towards us. They get above us high into the clear blue Montana sky. Then they start circling above us and playing and diving at each other. As they turn their backs to the sun you can see the golden brown off their backs and the sun shines down through their mighty wings. A very rare sight to see more than two at a time in one group. They are migrating south yet they took the time to spend with us. As they carved there circles in the sky above us for about ten minutes. It's been as though they were dancing to some unknown music high above us. Soon they turn south and their wings never move as the guide out of sight miles south. They never stopped for anyone as far as I could see. We settle back down on the log and watch the fish jumping in the river. We can see a red tail hawk across the river working through the tall grass. He is very beautiful as he works through the grass with the sun on his back and his red tail and brown feathers. Now it time we must return and as we leave this place I wonder why the world can not be as peaceful as we are now with love, hopes and dreams of better times. How can I reach out and touch there hearts and bring this beauty into their live and make it just a little better for them.





So all my special friends I leave you and pray that each of you find the love, peace and happiness that is in the world. May God bless each of you and give you the courage and strength to find all that is good in this world. Thank you for all you have given me.


Sir William