August 22, 1997

Mountain Beach

As you can see it's a beautiful place. The wind is up now but its warm and the sun is bright. Big fluffy white clouds moving fast across the very blue sky. The wind is moving through the trees and itís the only sound beside the creek that can be heard now. Just a few minutes ago a loud crash sounded as an old tree fell to the ground. You can hear some trees creaking in the in the wind as well. The beach in the photo is where you are at now. Relaxing in the sun and feeling its warm rays healing your body. Warm breeze blowing through your hair. You can smell the firs and pines in the wind as well as the smell of the clean fresh creek at your feet. You just lay there now watching the clouds moving above you and imaging the various shapes. Now hot you decide to wade into the cool clean mountain creek and lay down. It's so private you can even go nude and no one would ever know. You can feel the water moving across your whole body like millions of fingers working and healing and taking all the pain from the past and carrying them off. Just relax now and let it happen. Now back to your blanket and dry off in the warm sun and breeze. Now my friend I take you for a little walk up the hill and back into the forest to a little clearing next to a small creek. Again spreading the blanket in the grass and now tell you to listen once more. The sound of the big creek can no longer be heard now. Again the wind is soft but now the creak is making its own sound. If you really listen hard it is actually playing music. First time I heard it I thought it was a radio. No my love it's Gods music. Now lay back and listen and dream. Close your eyes and listen to all the sounds. You can hear some small birds chirping in the bushes across the way. It's getting late now and so I take you a little higher up. Only a short walk, so you don't tire and can enjoy the splendor of this country. Now it's sunset time and we are setting high now and can enjoy the sun set. The wind is still blowing and warm but very softly now. As the sun sets everything seem to stop. No wind, pure golden silence now. The sunset is beautiful yet it's not as beautiful as you as your eyes sparkle and your world seem so far away now. You seem to be off in a world by yourself and I can only guess by the glow on your face you are talking to the Lord. This sunset is full of color and beauty today as the clouds are big and fluffy, turning every color in the rainbow. Now its starting to get late, the sun is down and the star Venus is out now yet we have light enough to make it back down. Again back to your beach and you decide to swim in the stars tonight. No moon but the stars are so bright it light up the ground. The sky is alive with stars unlike any you have ever seen before. Once again you enjoy just laying in the water and feeling it work your body. Now back to your blanket and towel to dry off and once again you just stare into the stars and wonder if someone on one of those stars is looking back at you. Listing to the sounds of the night. The creek sounds are many make its own music. The sand is still hot from the sun as you lay their face down. My warm hands working your back and neck removing all the tension as you melt into total relaxation. Now once again we hear the sounds of the night. A big fish is jumping and making a big splash. Off in the distance you can hear a coyote howling for his mate. There is and owl near by hooting in the trees behind us. Frogs talking to each other. The night air is warm tonight. The stars light up your face and eyes sparkle and dance to each one.. We talk of the many stars and wonder if there is a better place than this without all this cruel people around. If there are lovers looking at us and wondering about this star we are on. We wonder where God is and why we who try so hard to do what is right always get a raw deal and those who do everything wrong always end up with the best of everything over and over again. Yet for this moment of time that you and I spend together it makes no difference for its total peace now. I look into your eyes and see them full of tears and wonder if they are tears of peace and joy or of past hurts. I see you reach quickly towards the heavens as a falling star streaks across the sky and you grab it and pull it down. Give it a kiss and toss it back up. I ask what you wished for and your eyes sparkle and a warm smile and say nothing. I remove the cover dome from the tent so as you lay in your bed tonight you can look up into the big Montana sky and watch the stars all night. Dream my friend and enjoy this moment of time. I watch you through the remainder of the night wondering how you survived all you have and why you are with me for this moment of time. You have a smile on your face as though you are dreaming of better times, peace and real love.


Your are always in my prayers. God bless you always.

 Eagle - Sir William