Sunset on the Puget Sound

The sun is setting on the ocean turning it to pure gold. Long time past as I leave the great Pacific Ocean behind me in my youth. Many days spent sailing there with my childhood friends. Seeing all the wonders of the Inland Passage and then sailing on the Mighty Columbia River with its changing winds in a blink of an eye. Down river currents that will hold you in on place all day long as you pray for just a little more wind and hope what wind you have is not lost thus pushing into the bridges down river and ripping out your masts.

Upper Multnomah Falls

I spent many a day playing around the mighty Multnomah Falls that is so tall as you look up, it is as thou the water is flowing from the hand of God high in the sky. Its mist fills the air and the smells are sweet. The roar is mighty but its beauty burns deep inside. The pool at the bottom is deep and clear and black. The rock ledges filled with life and green with moss and small plants. Fir trees so green they are almost black and have stood there for hundreds of years. In the winter it turns to solid ice and the whole area is decorated in long hanging icicles. Then coloreds lights shine on it all night long and it a sight to behold.

Lower Fall - - - Lower Fall Top

The lower falls is much smaller but it turns to satin and finds yet another pool dark and deep and beautiful. Large salmon find there way into it from time to time to spawn. The creek is clear and pure and it quickly dumps into the mighty Columbia River. I have move on and leave my youth behind now.

Rocky Mountains

On to the mighty Rocky Mountains into western Montana. The mountains are raw and appear to have no life. Jagged and rocky. Cold and unforgiving for those who dare to trespass. Yet it has a beauty all its own. Hours have been spent camping and fishing in her high mountain lakes. The laughter of children filled the air and long swims and boat rides. The days on horse back seeing all her wonders. The faces in the wall on the continental divide carved by the hand of God.

Her winters cover it's peaks with life giving snow and hours spent playing on the snow. Skiing down her face and spending more time falling down then skiing. Or the long days cross country skiing and breaking new trails and seeing the trees heavily laden with snow and no man has been there. But her temperatures can drop in minutes and winds come up putting you to the point of death. Avalanches can happen at any moment.

Bighorn Sheep

Yet these great mountains are alive not only with life giving waters for all life but is teaming with life. The Big Horn Sheep live among it's jagged peaks as well as the mountain goat. Birds build their nest in the spring and bring new life every year. Small trees struggle against the winter and against the rocky ground trying to get root. Its struggle is great, its trunk twisted and knurled yet it is alive.

Bald Eagle High In The Rockies


The Mighty Bald and Golden Eagle lives high in its rugged peaks. Even the rare Peregrine can be found among its rocky ledges. The peaks are so high as you climb upon them that you can reach out and touch the hand of God. You can see to infinity and not see man anywhere. Total peace only the sounds of God fill the clear crisp air. A large flock of Canada Geese fly below you and land in a distant lake on their journey south.

Canadian Geese

So this mighty Eagle is off. His wings spread upon the rising warm air currents and circles among the stars looking down upon all this wonder. He continues his search of all that is good and beautiful on the earth. No matter where he has gone he has found great beauty in its lands and its people. All, adding much to his solitaire life high among the great and jagged peaks of the Mighty Rockies.

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