August 18,1997



A Walk With A Friend

The sun is low in the sky as we walk out the front door and across the road and through the fence. A rabbit runs for cover as we cross the fence. You want to walk fast but I slow you down and tell you to listen and see what is around you. The hills are alive with sound wild flowers all over in white and yellow some small blue ones as well. See the deer off to the right. Not worried about us, all doe's and a couple of fawns. We continue our walk up to my little ridge. It's only a 20 minute walk. As we walk the sounds of men are no longer can be herd. I spread a blanket down and we sit down. I put my arm around you and you rest you head on my shoulder. Now just relax my friend. It's just you, me and the Lord now. There is a mountain off to the west all covered with show yet. Its miles across the valley below us. Sun is getting closer to the horizon now. Down below us about 100 yards is a small heard of deer. They never worry about me but wonder about you as they do not come close to me tonight. The big buck is a 4 point all in velvet. What a beautiful animal he is. The mocking bird still looking for a mate as it calls for the last time today. Its tones so clear and beautiful. Small swallows flying low to the ground looking for that last meal before the night comes. You can hear the soft wind moving by and the smell of the trees fills the air. High above us is a bald eagle. His head and tail as white as the snow. His wing spread out and not moving as he lays on the rising air currents. He circle around and around not hunting just watching us and wondering why he has to be alone and guesses we are lovers but does not know we are just friends. You can hear his cry to us a couple of times as he moves on behind us and out of sight. A nice set of clouds off by the sunset now as the sun moves slowly behind the mountains. The clouds slowly change color now and the snow on that mountain start to change color as well. I can hear music now as I imaging each beam of light having it's own note. The music is loud now but as the sun goes down it gets softer and softer. Only the sound of the sunset can be heard now. The clouds turn color from light yellow to orange and purple and high it is black. The clouds are moving and changing shape now as the do the colors change with them. As the sun move down you can now look into it and see the silhouette of the trees on the other side of the valley. It's so quite and you know the lord is sitting next to us as he unfolds his wonder for us and we are the only two people on earth at the moment. Listen to the sunset and its notes fade into darkness. The snow is pink on the mountain and now blue and into purple. Darkness now is falling and not a sound can be heard now. No birds only the deer below us. We can hear ourselves breathing. I gently lay you down on the blanket and wrap you up as the night cool air moves in. At last we talk of what we saw. The world is gone and only us at total peace. Now low in the sky the first star can been seen. Its getting darker now as we talk time is gone, nothing but space now as we gaze up into the Montana big sky. Slowly the stars come out, one then two and then a hundred. All of a sudden the Milky Way appears in all its glory. They look like you can reach out and touch them. The nigh is full of falling stars as you try to count them and wish on each for some lost dream or hope of a life to come or a special prayer for someone special. Soon the moon comes up behind us You can also see the silhouette of the trees as it rises above the ground. Its orange tonight and we talk of the faces on the moon and all its splendor. As it rises above us its moon beams light up your face and your eyes sparkle and dance as a child finding a new treasure. We just lay there and talk of good time and hard times and wonder of tomorrow. Now my friend the moon is gone and the sun is coming up behind us as we wonder if it really happen or was it just a dream that only lasted a few seconds. Now we wonder back down in the early morning light and meet the deer coming back up from their morning drink. They see us and only go a few feet above us as we pass on by.

This is for you my friend. Next time you see an eagle in the sky maybe you think of this eagle. Pray you find the love you are looking for and can discover the beauty around you everyday.

God Bless you

Eagle - Sir William

This is the view from the blanket looking west. Mt Lolo