My views of a woman are a little different than most men. God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. Then He created Adam. But he left His greatest creation for last. He Put Adam into a deep sleep and then removed a rib from his side and created woman. But it was not by chance that he took a rib. He could have taken one of many bones from man. Yet it was a rib, telling man that the woman is special because first she was made from him and he must come through her. Then that she is to walk beside him. Not in front, behind or below him. By his side and next to his heart always. She is to be his equal in all things and is to be treated as a queen. Never understood why a man has always thought he was so much better and now with the woman movement going on a lot of women think they are superior to men. Maybe someday man kind will learn how to treat all as equals with love and respect for each other.

 Eagle - Sir William