Wounded Eagle

 The Eagles was high among the stars and saw an angel down below. He wonders if she would help his wounded heart mend. He remember his past and all the pain and suffering.

 So wounded and afraid he got the courage to come down and explore this wonder. Soft and gentle with wounds of her own. She reaches out and touched this Eagle and once again his heart was open.

 Still afraid he wanted to search his mind and heart for truth. So he soared high so he could touch the hand of God. Now on his knees he asked yet he received no answer. He did not know that she had spread her wing and landed in the mighty mountains below him. Yet he knew something was wrong.

 Putting it aside he wrote his love and flew home into his space once more. He opens the cyberspace excited and full of love wanting to send her his words. Then terror stuck his heart as she tore it apart. He found her in another nest.

 Now torn and bleeding he pulls all his strength together and wishes her well. Not a harsh word spoken, yet she and her love tore the feathers off this mighty Eagle. He wonders what he had done wrong and why they must inflect so much pain. Again he wishes them well and again they return pain.

 Now bleeding deeply with all the old wounds bleeding as well. This Eagle with all his strength tries to once more gain the safety of the stars. Strength gone and weak and bleeding he tries for safety but can't make it now. Is it at an end now? Can he gain safety before it's too late?

 Sir William