Sir William - Sir Eagle

I like to take this time to introduce myself in the only way I know how. That is by sharing with you my feelings and what I see around me each day of my life. I have written a few things for friends around the world and made up home pages for them so they could see what my small part of the world is like. I am a poor writer at best so I ask that the spirit of the Lord be with you as you read what I have written and not judge me on my poor writing skills. The title "Sir" was given to me as a gift by the research teams I work with in wildlife research projects with the Grizzly, Bald Eagle and Caribou. Because I have the same spirit as the great Bald Eagle I find that I write with the spirit of the eagle. I will tell you why each was written as we go along. Click on the small pictures will enlarge them to full size. Click on the blue Hyper Link to get the rest of the story.








  • Even though the writing I have included in here may seem sad, I'm not a sad person. Just the opposite. I can just feel there pain and understand it. But the saddest thing I find is that so many are looking for happiness and peace and can't seem to find it. They look for it in others to make them happy or in money or many of the worldly things that people go after. Many are lonely and have not learned to live with themselves because they have low self-esteem. I went through an living hell for a few years and yet was still happy. Both peace and happiness comes form within a person. It is being true to yourself and knowing that you have done your best and what you believe is right. It is reaching around and patting yourself on the back what you do good and reminding yourself of the things you can improve on. Then reaching out beyond yourself to help others. Then and only then will you be happy even if you are living in hell, in a poor marriage, living alone. Life is exciting and so much to see and do and learn. It makes no difference if you are in the big city or remote area. Just open your heart and eyes and listen and you will see the wonders at your feet.

God Bless You Always


Sir William - Silvertip Griz - Eagle